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ESI Evasion in Chantemerle

Our team

The ESI Serre Chevalier

ESI Ecole de Ski Evasion is a modestly sized and friendly ski school in Chantemerle. Founded in 1982 by Germain Coco, Evasion was the first school to be recognized by the Ecole de Ski Internationale (ESI) within the Serre Chevalier. It is ideally located for customers staying in Saint-Chaffrey, Villeneuve and Briançon.

Our instructors are all graduates from l’école nationale de ski et d’alpinisme (ENSA).

5 good reasons to choose the ESI Evasion ski school in Chantemerle:

  1. Expert & enthusiastic instructors who love what they do.
  2. Learning in small groups maximizes your potential and you progress faster.
  3. Instructors that listen, engage & focus on you.
  4. Medals included in group lessons at no extra cost.
  5. Internationally recognized ski & snowboard levels.

We are members of the l'Ecole de ski internationale (ESI). The International Ski School (ESI) has been running 95 ski and snowboard schools for 40 years in France, Switzerland and Italy.

ESI Ski Medals

Throughout your progress, from beginner to expert, our instructors will validate your ski level through the 9 medals shown below. Here are the movements corresponding to each medal and the evaluation criteria: these medals are recognized by all ski schools and valid throughout the ESI network.

  1. Snowman - Walking on a flat slope, with good balance. First slides. Reward for the youngest at the end of the week. Class : Beginner - Terrain : Beginner’s space.
  2. Green mouse - Snowplough: sliding under control in the beginner area. Standing up alone after falling on flat slopes. Class : Beginners -Terrain : Beginner’s space.
  3. Bronze mouse - Snowplough turns on the green runs. Using ski conveyor belts. Putting on and taking off skis without help. Class : Beginners - Terrain : Green run.
  4. Cristal international - Snowplough turns on green runs and some parts of blue runs, crossing the slope with the skis in parallel. Class : Crystal (child), Classe 1 (adult) - Terrain : Green run.
  5. Cristal bronze - Snowplough at the beginning of a turn and parallel at the end on blue slopes. Sliding sideways. Class : Class 1- Terrain : Blue run.
  6. Cristal silver - Parallel turns on blue and red slopes. Effective skating on flat slopes. Class : Class 2 - Terrain : Blue or red run.
  7. Cristal vermeil - Advanced parallel turns on every slopes. Discovering short turns. Coming to a stop in a controlled skid. Class : Class 3 - Terrain : Red run.
  8. Cristal gold - VAdvanced turns with carving at the end. Skiing in short turns or on bumpy slopes. Class : Class 3 - Terrain : Red or black run.
  9. Cristal diamond - Carving turns with rythm an radius changes. Effective off-piste skiing or short turns. Class : Class 4 -Terrain : All terrains.

The mountains, slopes and pistes are covered in snow – it’s perfect for your skiing trip.



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